Sanam Retreat for the Family
Through our work with parents and couples over the years, we’ve gained insight into the recurring issues they face. These facts made us create this retreat:

  • Parents should put priority on their relationship as the cornerstone of a strong happy family.
  • The main reason for divorce is that parents don’t spend enough time on their relationship and drift apart.
  • There are not enough programs for parents to stay connected as a loving strong couple.


Our 7 day retreat in Bali helps parents grow stronger as a couple, taking home meaningful ways that will not just refresh their appreciation for each other but make them role models to their children.

What’s in it for you:

  • You will immediately discover things about you and your partner that are crucial for your happiness.
  • You will feel relaxed around each other; communicating better, laughing more, arguing less, feeling loved and supported and becoming more playful and intimate.
  • You’re surrounded by like-minded company and guided by professionals without worrying about plans and details.
  • Expert sessions focused on your needs will equip you with information and techniques that you can use after the retreat is over. This improves your spiritual, mental, and physical well-being in the long term.

Sanam Retreat Family on the beach
Why do a retreat instead of a vacation: 

  • Every aspects of the retreat—including location in Bali, accommodation, food, facilities, professional consultation, and activities—are all in line with what you are seeking to achieve; hence, the benefits of retreats are much more impactful.


Duda BaldwinDuda Baldwin
Duda is a Buddhist coach, speaker, writer and serial entrepreneur. With her coaching service Kick Ass Muse, providing online courses, dedicated Facebook groups and a YouTube TV channel, Duda teaches people Buddhism globally. She believes Buddhism to be the cure for overcoming painful emotions, learning new perspectives on life and gaining wisdom for long-lasting happiness.

She is known as a grounded visionary, with a no-nonsense communication style and believes that the attainment of wisdom is the core of personal development. Warm, intuitive and honest she values compassion and kindness above all.

In 2014, she spent time in a Buddhist monastery and took her vows. She sees herself as a bridge between the monks and people wanting to apply Buddhism in their everyday life using a simple, practical approach.

In addition to her MA in Sociology, Duda currently studies Tibetan Buddhism under the most highly regarded Tibetan Buddhist monk Geshe Tashi Tsering, appointed by his Holiness, the Dalai Lama.

Duda runs the “Little School of Buddhism”, is writing her first book, contributes to major well-being magazines and together with her husband Alex, they run spiritual retreats in Bali, one for women and the other for parents.

Duda will conduct most of the individual and couple sessions, providing age old Buddhist wisdom to help couples re-connect and lovers and friends.

Isiah McKimmie

Isiah McKimmie

Isiah is a Relationship Therapist, Sexologist and Tantra teacher, who has been helping individuals and couples improve their sex lives and relationships for over 10 years.

Isiah holds a Masters degree in Psychotherapy, is a Certified Somatic Sex Therapist having studied at the prestigious Institute for the Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality in the US and is a certified Tantra Teacher.  She is additionally completing a Masters in Sexology.

Isiah brings deep compassion, warmth, and understanding to her work with couples, helping them to reignite their connection, intimacy and desire and feel like lovers again. She is passionate about couples transforming their relationship to bring benefits to their whole family.

Her honest, insightful advice is regularly sought by Cosmo and Cleo Magazines as well as numerous other blogs and publications.  Isiah’s diverse range of training and experience and her caring nature place her in a unique position to help.

Isiah will provide couples with some basic skills to reconnect as lovers and friends and will add a little spice to the program in a very PG way.

Duda Baldwin & Alex BaldwinAlex Baldwin
Alex is a father of two young boys, who has been through a marriage breakdown and separation. Having come out the other side and meeting his soul-mate Duda, he brings this experience to the retreat program and is committed to helping parents grow as lovers and friends.

Alex has a background in banking and finance, was a partner in a financial advisory business and has a Masters in Financial Management, but none of that matters for this retreat. He also has a senior first aid certificate and a working with children Ochre card.

Alex will manage all the children’s activities and ensure fun is had by all.

Oka & Dayu

Oka & Dayu

The venue is owned by a local Balinese family with a wealth of experience in hospitality. Oka & Dayu have designed and built the entire 7 villa venue, with each villa being individually themed and the furniture has been made by Oka’s team, out of recycled timbers. Oka has been a Chef in the USA and UK and the restaurant beautifully infuses Balinese and Western cuisine. We chose to host our retreats with Oka as he mirrors the beautiful energy and kindness of Bali, cherishing families as the cornerstone of the Balinese culture.