Our Story

Alex and Duda met in Ubud so it has a special significance to us. Having been through the pain of separation, and coming out the other side, we were both on holiday and not looking for a partner. The universe had a different plan for us!

We instantly felt connected – as soul mates and haven’t stopped smiling since. In appreciation of the gift we are to each other, we practice gratitude, buddhism and basic tantra every day.

Knowing what happiness and balance this way of life brings to us as a couple and as parents, we want to share this with other parents. Buddhism is about the individual journey towards happiness and wisdom and focusses on the teachings, not the teacher. 

We also love the gentleness of the Balinese people, their deep spirituality and their wonderful sense of family and that inspired us to host our retreats in Bali.


Why Ubud

The Balinese culture is all about family, with mum, dad, kids and grandparents all living together. In their beautiful compounds, the centre is a place for celebration and sharing.

In the same way, Ubud, in the middle of the island is of great significance. It’s considered to be the spiritual and healing centre of Bali.

The Balinese also believe that the parents are the first God’s as they teach their children about life. What a beautify philosophy!


About the Venue

We are no newbies to Bali or its people and we’ve put a great deal of effort into finding the perfect place to host our retreats.

Situated just 15 minutes outside of Ubud, set between rice paddies and the jungle, the venue features 7 villas, an on-site restaurant, yoga shala, treatment rooms, enough space for the kids to play and relaxing patios for all of us. Every villa has it’s own pool, carefully designed furniture by the owner and each bedroom has its own Balinese styled ensuite.

So why this venue? In addition to the venue’s energy being one of peace and happiness, we fell in love with their owners. Oka and Dayu are not only a Balinese couple that share our values around the importance of family, but their kindness and attention to detail really won us over. We consider Oka and his team to be part of our retreat team.