hand in hand

Through our work with parents and couples over the years, we’ve gained insight into the recurring issues they face.

Hear what our clients have told us so far:

  • Being exhausted by spending all one’s time on taking care of the family. This means that parents are not spending quality time together.
  • Drifting apart through a lack of intimacy and connection.
  • Struggling to resolve arguments and wanting to improve communication.
  • Feeling unhappy and not appreciated.
  • Feeling more like house mates and co-parents than lovers.
  • Wanting more emotional intimacy.
  • Poor or no sex life.

Sanam Retreat Family on the BeachWe’ve discovered simple yet life changing practices that help parents re-connect as lovers and friends.

Our retreat in Bali, dedicated to parents, is your opportunity to learn how your relationship can thrive. It's easier than you think!

You will (re)discover things about you and your partner that are crucial for your happiness. You will feel relaxed around each other; communicating better, laughing more, arguing less, feeling loved and supported and becoming more playful and intimate.

As a couple, your relationship will become stronger, more joyful and connected with each other, making you inspiring parents to your children.


Mark and Sarah

When Mark and Sarah came to see Isiah the first time, they were at a loss on what to do. They knew they loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, but after more than 15 years together and 3 children in the house, they felt like they’d lost touch.

Sarah explained that they felt like two ships passing in the night and rarely got to see each other. Mark agreed, but also felt frustrated that they were rarely intimate anymore.

At the end of our very first session together Mark and Sarah both said they felt hopeful and excited about moving forward. They had been given tools to help the reconnect in a short amount of time every day and for the first time in a long while felt like they were moving forward together.

Despite both Mark and Sarah leading busy lives and trying to juggle 3 children, they found the small daily exercises they were given helped them feel closer and actually helped everyone in their house feel a bit happier.

Through their 3 month journey with Isiah, Mark and Sarah learned ways to communicate more effectively with each other and resolve tensions before they got too big. They found they really wanted to spend time together and looked forward to their fortnightly dates. In feeling more connected to each other, Sarah found that her desire begin to return also. They discovered they could talk about sex in a way that felt comfortable with them and learned ways to bring more sensuality and enjoyment to their bedroom.

Although life is still busy and they don’t always get as much time together as they would like, Mark and Sarah are finding they argue less - and recover from those arguments faster. They feel closer and no longer experience tension around intimacy. They feel confident knowing they have the tools to get things back on track if they need to. Mostly they feel confident about where their relationship is headed and happy knowing their family will stay together.   


Alan and Leanne

Leanne was in her late 30’s and a mother of two, but wasn’t sure who she really was anymore. Her husband Alan was running a successful business for which she was grateful, yet she was secretly resentful for not having her own life. Before the kids, she was a successful photographer and journalist. Also, her husband wasn’t as involved with the kids as she’d like – he’s too busy with the business. This of course led to arguments and lack of intimacy. Resentment was creeping in.

They truly loved each other, but didn’t know how to change, so they turned to mindfulness. Duda had the privilege to work with both of them separately and then as a couple and they addressed individual and then joint emotions. Through gaining a better understanding of how their resentments and perceptions of the relationship were blocking their ability to appreciate and love their partner, they were able to change their mind-set and outlook.

Their relationship has thrived in numerous ways since; they have become as close friends as they were at the beginning of their relationship, their parenting improved and they've noticed a change in their children’s discipline and happiness. Leanne started a freelance business and Alan started to work two days from home. They are currently on holiday’s, exploring Tantra and meditation for couples.

Mike and Claire

Mike came to Duda to work on his insecurities, as he felt he had drifted apart from his partner Claire and felt that there was a lack of emotional and sexual support from her.

Using simple Buddhist principles for dealing with painful emotions (such as anger, resentment, attachment, need for approval and fear of loss), Mike understood his inner battles more and his behaviour towards Clare has changed. He opened up in a healthier way. The response from Clare was increased appreciation, emotional support and a playful desire to bond intimately.

Mike and Claire have since implemented simple daily practices of appreciation and communication taught in thier lessons and are still a solid, happy couple.


I tried to figure out how she turned my life from bottom up in only 6 weeks and the answer is this: Duda has been through it all. And she is the strongest yet most compassionate and honest person I’ve met. She teaches you all she knows. She’s pure wisdom. Pure love. That’s why it works like a miracle.

Diego A.

Your story makes me feel like you can relate to me and vice versa and that you genuinely understand me. It was a first time for me and it felt great! As you said – you can give me the pen and paper, but I have to write my own story. I can say it has started working ’cause I did not put this feedback email in my to do list but i sent it to you immediately. You have been successful Duda ?


As a married couple of 16 years, we had been struggling with the usual trappings of familiarity with each other, financial burdens, stress of raising a child with sporadic family support and very little to no spark in the bedroom. We had become bitter, blaming each other and expressing ourselves with negativity.

But through counselling sessions with Isiah, my love, connection and care for my wife, family, friends and colleagues has dramatically increased.
Thank you Isiah


There are so many ways we have changed since we first started seeing you Isiah, but they have all added up t us having a closer, more intimate, loving and sexual relationship with each other.

A happy husband