Do you feel unhappy or unheard?

Are you drifting apart from your soul mate?

Does your relationship lack the fun and intimacy you used to have?

Would you like to reconnect as lovers and friends?

Then welcome to our parents' retreat in Bali.

To learn how we can help you, explore some more below.

This 7 day retreat is your opportunity to relax and recharge.

Your relationship will become stronger, joyful and more connected,
making you inspiring parents to your children.

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Our 7 day retreat in Bali is designed for families, where you as parents learn simple practices that will make your relationship thrive.

While you're nourishing your relationship with caring experts, you also have the time to relax, pamper yourself, explore Bali and escape the hectic daily routine.

And the kids? Well, they're having an amazing time not just with you, but with a dedicated team; think fun in the pool, creative workshops, play, beach and most of all - love!

You will leave us with a huge smile, connected to your partner and recharged as a family.

We’ll run three, 7 day retreats a year to fit in with your busy life.

Grab your calendar and see which date is right for you!

Our Services

15 – 21 APR ’18


8 – 14 JUL ’18


30 SEP – 6 OCT ’18




It's nice to have you on our site, as we share your desire to make your relationship thrive.
We're excited to be guiding you through your retreat experience.

Here's a little bit more about us.

Our Employees



Duda is a Buddhist coach, speaker and writer. With her teachings, you’ll discover easy ways to overcome challenging emotions as an individual but also understand each other better, gaining new perspectives.

Duda will conduct meditation workshops, life coaching sessions and will be at hand for all your questions.

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Isiah is a Relationship Therapist, Sexologist and Tantra teacher, who has been helping individuals and couples improve their sex lives and relationships for over 7 years.

She will provide you, as a couple, with easy to learn skills that help you reconnect as lovers and friends. She adds a little spice to the program in a very PG way.

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Alex is a loving father of two young boys, who has been through a marriage breakdown and separation. Having come out the other side and meeting his soul-mate Duda, he brings this experience to the retreat and is passionate about helping parents avoid the same painful experience.

Alex will share his lessons learnt but most of the time he’ll be busy with the kids ensuring fun is had by all.


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Oka & Dayu

Oka & Dayu

The venue is owned by a local Balinese family with a wealth of experience in hospitality. Oka & Dayu have designed and built the entire 7 villa venue, with each villa being individually themed and the furniture has been made by Oka’s team, out of recycled timbers. We chose to host our retreats with Oka as he mirrors the beautiful energy and kindness of Bali, cherishing families as the cornerstone of the Balinese culture.


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