Why are retreats better than vacations?
Why should we do this retreat?
Why is the retreat so expensive?
What should I do before booking my retreat?
We are a happy couple and things are going well. Can we attend your retreat, as it sounds so peaceful?
Can we come just as a couple, with no kids?
What is Buddhism and why do we learn it at your retreat?
Do I need to be a Buddhist to be able to attend?
What is Tantra?
My partner isn’t as interested in spirituality as I am, will Tantra be too ‘woo-woo’ for him?



What is the program format?
What if I am an introvert and I don’t like to share things in the group?
What if I don’t feel the sessions are needed but I want to attend the retreat?
How do the group Tantra sessions work?
Do I need to be flexible or have done any kind of yoga before to practice Tantra?
Is there any sexual activity / Do I need to be nude?
Is it safe to do Tantra when the kids are around?
What if I am not comfortable with my kids leaving the venue without me?
Will I have enough time to play with my kids?
What activities have you allocated for us and the kids?
What support and services are available after the retreat finishes?



When does the retreat start and finish?
Is this venue quiet and safe?
What happens when we land in Bali airport?
If we arrive late at night, how do we get our villa allocated?
What time is check in and check out?



What is a couples astrology reading?
What does Sanam mean?