A Good Laugh Is Always For The Heart

Try and laugh each day together. At least once. Yes we have problems and disagreements, worries and stress but we ...
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Forgiveness, such a huge word, phew!   Linked to the badness of holding on to anger, forgiveness brings the good ...
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I Fell In Love With You Because…

Do you remember all the things you fell in love with your partner for?   I’m asking because it’s crucial ...
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When people come to us for some advice or do work with us, anger is usually the number one reason why they ...
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Giving Love Reminds You How Strong You Are

In the last few weeks, I felt really bogged down. We had some challenging times and I became needy. We ...
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Happy Relationship Depends on Being The Right Person

Have you ever heard about this approach to life:   “You attract what and who you are.”   Here it ...
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Getting ready for the retreat!

Our retreat is now fully booked. Just 2 more weeks to go! We are super thrilled to meet the families ...
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Kids are having fun on the retreat too!

3 weeks to go and we are in Bali at this amazing retreat created specifically for parents to re-connect as ...
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Your Pathway to Being a Great Parent

If you are a parent like us, your kids’ well-being is the most important task that you’ve signed up for ...
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Parents first, kids follow

Time is what parents don’t have, or so we are trained to believe. We live in a world where as ...
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Sanam Retreat - Intimacy

3 ways to bring back intimacy (the PG version)

Sex and intimacy are always a hot topic. It’s no news that the terms ‘happiness’, ‘depression’ and ‘sex’ are some ...
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Sanam Retreat - Gratitude

Gratitude – The #1 exercise to love yourself and your life some more

I’d love to share a favourite gratitude exercise that has changed lives within a week. The best thing – I ...
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Sanam Retreat - Parenting

Parenting – 3 things no one told you about parenting (it’s not what you think!)

Parenting – try and research this topic online, the content you’ll find is all about the kids. And as much ...
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parent's retreat

Behind The Scenes

Hello everyone! Alex and I have had such fun filming videos for our Parent’s Retreats that we run in Bali ...
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