Sanam Retreat - Intimacy

3 ways to bring back intimacy (the PG version)

Sex and intimacy are always a hot topic. It’s no news that the terms ‘happiness’, ‘depression’ and ‘sex’ are some ...
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Sanam Retreat - Gratitude

Gratitude – The #1 exercise to love yourself and your life some more

I’d love to share a favourite gratitude exercise that has changed lives within a week. The best thing – I ...
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Sanam Retreat - Parenting

Parenting – 3 things no one told you about parenting (it’s not what you think!)

Parenting – try and research this topic online, the content you’ll find is all about the kids. And as much ...
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Behind The Scenes

Hello everyone! Alex and I have had such fun filming videos for our Parent’s Retreats that we run in Bali ...
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